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Today, we understand more about substance use disorders than ever before. It’s not a character flaw. It’s not shameful. It’s a chronic disease. And even though we can’t cure it, we can treat it with the right tools. Getting the right kind of help starts with getting the right diagnosis. From there, we recommend a customized approach that best suits your needs. L.E. Phillips-Libertas Treatment Center rehab services include:

Withdrawal Management Services: stability first
Inpatient Residential Treatment: safety and structure
Intensive Outpatient Treatment: an intense outpatient option by Prevea Health 
Outpatient Treatment: flexibility for life by Prevea Health
Relapse Prevention Program: tools for triggers by Prevea Health

Signs of substance use in adults

You’ve seen the signs, at least some of them, and you’ve been confused, frustrated or angry. You may have had sleepless nights, felt like you were losing control or feared for your safety or the safety of a loved one. You’ve hoped for these worries to go away…

  1. Complaints from family members or friends about drinking or drug use
  2. Failed attempts to quit or cut back
  3. Hiding the evidence of drinking or use
  4. Increasing tolerance of alcohol or other substances
  5. Legal charges such as driving while intoxicated or possession of drugs
  6. Neglecting responsibilities in order to drink or use
  7. Blackouts or memory lapses associated with use
  8. Health, job, family life or financial issues resulting from use
  9. Continued use even with negative consequences to health, job, family life or finances

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